Where To Find Street Art In London

There’s a lot to love about street art. It’s bright, bold and typically free! As more cities of the world embrace the urban gallery vibe, we’re becoming spoilt for choice. Here’s a quick guide to some must-see London street art for the next time you’re visiting.

1. Bethnal Green

Photo: Julia Hammond

Photo: Julia Hammond

These days it’s common for cafes and restaurants to commission artworks to jazz up their exteriors. Tucked away down Hague St in East London is a stunning set of murals by Ketones6000.

2. Save The Bees

Photo: Julia Hammond

Sometimes street art is more than something pretty. I’m fairly sure this one can be found near Kew Gardens but unfortunately forgot to write down the exact location! It’s most likely part of the #SaveTheBees campaign begun in 2015 by artists Louis Masai Michel and Jim Visions. There’s bees painted all around London and other cities in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of bees.

If you’re a big bee fan then it’s also worth checking out Matthew Willey’s artworks. He’s committed to hand-painting 50,000 bees around the world. You can find a list of his current murals on the website.

3. Selby Street

Photo: Julia Hammond

In honour of the late Amy Winehouse artists Villana & Zabou collaborated to create this colourful artwork on Selby St. It’s the second mural by Zabou featuring Winehouse and one of many vibrant works she’s created around the city. You can find all her street art locations here.

4. Shakespeare

Photo: Julia Hammond

To paint or not to paint? Aussie artist James Cochran (aka Jimmy C) decided to paint. Just on the other side of Borough Markets, outside Wagamama, you’ll find the bard in all his multi-colour glory. Take a look on Jimmy C’s website if you’re interested in more of his art around Europe and Australia.

5. Brick Lane

No London street art post would be complete without mentioning Brick Lane. Just like its Melbourne cousins – from AC/DC to Hosier – this lane is a graffiti lover’s dream. There are too many great artists down here to single out any individuals, so instead here’s a gallery of a few of my faves.

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Photos: Julia Hammond