3 Reasons to Get Yourself a Bedtime Routine ASAP

Bedtime routines aren’t just for Youtube vloggers and toddlers. They’re actually an essential routine to improve your sleep quality and ensure you get those 8 hours every night. How many nights have you spent aimlessly scrolling your phone until your eyes felt heavy enough to get to sleep? If this is what you’d call your bedtime routine, then here’s 3 reasons you need a new one ASAP.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

It helps you fall asleep faster

According to the sleep school at Harvard University, a relaxing bedtime routine is the secret to falling asleep fast. It helps your body to wind down from the day’s activities and if you keep to a regular sleep schedule you should find yourself waking up easier too. The human mind loves a routine. So, by creating habits that tell your body it’s time for bed, you’ll soon find yourself getting sleepy at the same time each night – even without completing your routine.

It prepares you for the morning

Some of us just function better at night, no matter how much we try to be morning people. If you’re one of these people it might help to incorporate some of your morning prep into your bedtime routine. You could choose your work clothes for the next day, prepare a healthy breakfast to get you on the go faster, or have a hot shower to cut down on your morning tasks. All of these things avoid the night routine no-no’s – like technology or TV – and have the added bonus of getting your morning off to a great start.

Photo by Yasmine Boheas on Unsplash

It helps with anxiety

It’s not uncommon to find your brain bringing up all the worst things about your life just as your head hits the pillow. An anxious mind is an active mind and you need to find a way to slow down your thoughts. A calming bedtime routine is the perfect way to stop your brain from going into overdrive.  If you’re still struggling with anxious thoughts, try journaling to dump them all somewhere else for a while.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Designing your bedtime routine

The ideal night time routine is anything that you find relaxing. Maybe that’s reading a book, maybe it’s not. It could be a hot shower or a face mask. The key is finding an activity that you enjoy and that also relaxes you. Some things to avoid are; phones, computers, bright lights, caffeine and exercise. All these things stimulate your body and mind which is the opposite of sleep-inducing. It doesn’t have to be exactly what the research prescribes to make you ready for sleep either; just one or two activities that work for you are enough to train your body out of their bad habits and into healthier ones.